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Mrs. Denicker ~ Grade 7 Math

I am Mrs. Denicker. I teach 7th-grade math and provide specialized instruction and accommodations for students who need additional support. This year I teach classes 731, 732, and 734. Ms. Calbo is my co-teacher for 731 and 732 and Ms. Kim is my co-teacher for 734. This is my 13th year teaching. 


My career as a teacher has allowed me to develop my professional practice while challenging me to create a dynamic learning environment for my students. I have been a devoted teacher who works collaboratively with my colleagues to best educate the students placed in my care. As I reflect on the past thirteen years of teaching math to students who need additional support, several things come to mind. The most obvious aspect of growth is that of experience; it was indeed my best teacher.  I have now come to  realize it is imperative to give my students the opportunities to improve their work, consider their “errors” and ponder questions that lead to a greater understanding of the topic. What is truly important to me is that my students are comfortable in trying and taking academic risks. My goal is for my students to achieve their goals and to do the best that is within their ability.​

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