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November, 2023


The Second Marking Period is about to start!
Our next HMH Unit will be titled The Thrill of Horror. Our essential question will be "Why do we sometimes like to be frightened?
Our lessons will consist of reading and analyzing literary criticism, reading short stories and analyzing points of view. We will also look at the prefixes and suffixes of words to decode unfamiliar vocabulary. We will then look at the Latin roots of words to again, explore word meanings and decode unfamiliar vocabulary. The students will learn how to use a dictionary!
They will also learn how to write a scene from a short story and put on a performance of that scene. I am hoping this will have some of our introverts outside of their comfort zones, yet having a good time. We will read an excerpt of EPIC poetry and a graphic novel. Our end project will be to create a horror movie trailer- I really think the students will have fun with that! Their writing assignment will be to write a literary criticism and possibly a short story too!


Thea Ferzola

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End of Marking Period

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,
As most of you are aware, the end of the marking period is soon approaching. Even though I was at jury duty for the month of October, I did keep up on my assignments and grading. Everything that has been turned in has been graded, and those assignments that have NOT been handed will be accepted until 11/2.
Please sit with your child and look at their SYNC grades. Take notice of any missing assignments and due dates. As long as we all work together, we can keep the kids on track, and make sure they are not missing assignment due dates.
In addition, I offered an "optional" project - I did this because I was fearful averages may fall after taking the new online end of unit assessment. This is optional, and of course, students who are confident in their performance may not feel the necessity to complete it - this is fine. 
However, it has also come to my attention that the answers to the end of unit test have been discovered online. This is a problem, but I am forced to give the students the benefit of the doubt, and hope that a minority of them looked at them, and the majority did not. I think when the scores come out, it will be obvious who discovered them and who did not.
Maybe if you remember, have a conversation with your child about the value of honesty and integrity. Passing a test with 100 while cheating is not as valuable as passing a test with a 92 in which you worked really hard and proved your understanding of the material.
I wish you all a wonderful day, and will send an update on our next unit within a few days.
Thea Ferzola


Hopefully by now, you are aware that I am taking my three classes on a field trip to the NY Hall of Science on 11/15
I am in desperate need of at LEAST five more parents to attend the trip with us as chaperones. The chaperones are FREE
We will be leaving our school approx 9:20/9:30 and returning by 1-1:10
Email me if you are available to come and have fun with us!
[email protected]
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

I will be out for Jury Duty

Hello Parents and Guardians,
I will be out for the month of October for jury duty. I have spent MANY hours preparing for my absence and our student teacher - whom is a LICENSED Sub will be covering my classes. I have prepared every lesson, assessment, powerpoint, etc for him so that the students will not lose any important material.
I will be available to chat via email [email protected]

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First Unit: Gadgets and Glitches
We will be discussing the essential question: Does technology improve or control our lives?
We will be reading science fiction short stories by authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury. 
Reading and Writing Unit Goals: Analyze Plot • Analyze Science FIction • Identify Central Idea & Details  • Analyze Organization  • Analyze Structure • Analyze Irony • Analyze Claim and Evidence • Analyze Graphic Features •  Evaluate Evidence • Analyze Rhetoric • Compare Arguments
2nd Unit The Thrill of Horror
Essential Question: Why do we sometimes like to feel frightened?
Short stories we will read
The Monkey's Paw
The Tell Tale Heart