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Mr. Johnsen- A little introduction

    Hi name is Mr. Johnsen and I teach 8th grade Social Studies at JHS194. When I was in school, I always liked history. It was my favorite class and I loved learning about how the past influenced the present. Growing up on Long Island, I loved going on trips to Sagamore Hill, the Vanderbilt Museum, and various historical sites in "The City" (that's how you know I grew up in the suburbs). As cliche as it sounds, I'm privileged to be able share my passion for the past with middle schoolers.
    In class, we not only discuss American History, but current events, politics, civics, and other contemporary issues. I want students to feel comfortable asking questions and feeling confident that they know what's going on in the world and WHY things are the way they are. It was a good day if your child comes home and asks you your opinion on something we learned about. 
   On this page you will find an outline of topics we cover in class, an explanation of the Civics For All initiative, and a general outline of what to expect this year in Social Studies. Feel free to email me with any additional questions.