Welcome to seventh-grade ELA!  Foremost, I want you to know that our classroom is a safe and inclusive learning environment.  

We will strive to create a strong learning community in our classroom by building your confidence and promoting empathy for each other.   In our classroom, we are allowed to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.  As the inventor and environmentalist Mary Walton once said, “There is no learning without mistakes.”   We strive for excellence, but no one is perfect so please just be your best and authentic self.   

We will continue to work toward strengthening your reading, writing, and communication skills, but more importantly, we will strive to develop your critical thinking and voice. I am here to support you, and I value your individuality, creativity, and concerns.  It is through our partnership, as a student and teacher, that we will make this a successful year.   Let’s work together to make our journey in language and literature an adventure!  <3 Ms. Jun