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Mrs. Mancini

Hi all! My name is Amanda Mancini. I have been a special education teacher in the DOE for 11 years. I have been with JHS 194 for the past 10 years. Throughout my career, I have taught science, social studies, math and ELA classes; however, there has always been a core focus on LITERACY. Literacy is the foundation for all content areas and real life. My goal for my students is for each of them to be literate individuals that can discuss, read, write and actively participate in society. I am looking forward to a great school year together! 
To best support my students, you will find a list of PDF's below to the reading strategies we introduce in both my science and social studies classes. Many of these strategies are broken down into small steps to make literacy accessible to all. These strategies are taught using the same steps in school, so it is important you have access to these at home also. In the classroom, these strategies live on colorful anchor charts hanging around the classrooms. So, you can think of this list as your anchor charts for home.
These strategies are helpful for ALL content areas. Eventually, the goal is for the students to be able to choose a strategy that best fits the text they are reading and their comfort level. I have included photographs of actual student work that reflects what the students notebook should look like after completing the specified strategy. If there are questions or concerns, please reach out; I am here for you!
7th grade Science & Social Studies Special Educator