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Mission Statement

Our Vision at JHS 194 is to ensure we provide Every Child with the Emotional Support and Equitable Access they need and are entitled to, so that the Whole Child is Educated Every Day.

Our mission at JHS 194 is to ensure every child has an equitable educational opportunity, by providing appropriate access to each individual; affording the support of technology; all fortified with social-emotional support.  We challenge every student to be independent thinkers and hold them to high academic standards of excellence.  We foster individual passions, talents, and curiosities through our diversified arts offerings and other classes.  We teach our students to adapt with change; to seek to understand through asking questions; to stand up for what they believe in while respecting oneself and others.  At JHS 194, we are confident that these elements are what build GRIT and are the foundation of life-long learners.