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Ms. Olivieri 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Welcome to JHS 194! Sixth grade is a year filled with new and exciting experiences. It can also be a challenging year for students, as this is probably their first year traveling to different teachers throughout the day. While we have high expectations for our students, we also understand that starting a new school can be very overwhelming and will do everything we can to help make the transition a smooth one for students and parents.


All units of study will be designed in accordance with the New York State Common Core Standards and will assist your child in becoming a lifetime reader and writer. I will be modeling reading and writing strategies in order to improve his/her skills and motivate him/her to read and write more often. A portfolio of your child’s work is maintained throughout the school year.


In order for your child to get the most of this very important school year, the supplies below are needed:


In addition to these supplies, please ensure that your child always has a book that is to be read each evening as part of the homework assignments that are given daily.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Best regards,

 Ms. Olivieri 

Supply list for ELA:

    • 2 college ruled marble notebooks (one for class and one as a homework to from school to home)
    • 1 package of college ruled loose leaf paper (to be left in class)
    • 1 package of computer paper (to be left in class)
    • 1 plastic folder (with pockets on bottom only)
    • 5 highlighters (yellow, green, blue pink and orange)
    • #2 pencils 
    • Pens (blue or black ink only)
    • 1 box of tissues
    • 1 roll of paper towels
    • 3 packs of 3x3 Post-Its (two for class and one for home use)
    • 1 pack of 3x5 index cards